My Taste of Astrology

I like astrology, in fact I actually love it. I like looking at my natal chart and seeing what is going on where, in what house and how the energy plays out in my life on a day to day level as well as over a long term.

I have a Scorpio sun sign, ahh yes… all the negatives rolled into one: cynical, obsessive, jealous, revengeful etc etc. But there is also generous, caring, loving, and er well that’s all I can think of at the moment off the top of my head. Surprising really! You would have thought that as being born under that sign I would focus more on the positive than the negative but in some strange way I only really know the negative because the negative is all I’ve told about. Being too generous=you should be more selfish, be more selfish=being selfish. There’s no winning with it really. Oh well, I’m under a ‘powerful’ sun sign who’s full of mystery, apparently. Ha-ha-ha, I joke! Of course it’s powerful and a mystery. Ruled by Mars and Pluto, two plants that have get up go and Pluto more so being so in the underworld with the mask that is worn not giving anything away. Every time I go out I have to wear a mask of indifference… it’s called my neutral face. It doesn’t glow unless it has to, it doesn’t show teeth and smile unless it has to, we’ll call it a serious┬ádemeanour.

Even though I’m a Scorpio, I dislike some other Scorpio’s. Strange I know but I can’t take the probing and the quizzical looks. Some leave me to it and allow me to be and others have this desire to probe and prod. I can understand why some people react strongly to a Scorpio when you either like them or you don’t. I may just leave that down to my Mars in Aquarius who needs the freedom to be free! I have a strong Mars and a strong Pluto.

Scorpio is a water sign, funnily enough. All about emotion, emotion, emotion and more emotion. The saying goes ‘still waters run deep’ so whilst you’re dealing with that ‘dumb’ Scorpio who knows nothing, they know everything. They’ve noticed things you haven’t and seen you when you think they haven’t.

I have a Scorpio stellium, that means there is more than two planets in that sign, so I’m more Scorpio than any other sign. I like it, I enjoy it.

You should check out your own birth chart, it’s more accurate when you know your time of birth and place of birth, and see what you find out about your own birth chart and yourself. Nothing is negative just a part of who you are.

Peace out xx