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There are so many things that are important in life to know and understand all types of people, knowing how to read people, knowing how to differentiate between being with the wrong people and the right people. It is super important to surround yourself always with different types of people and get to know their mind set and to know their personality, traits, attitudes, actions, their trail of thought about things. Its so imperative to know this. Some people come into your life as blessings because they are the right type of people to be with who are true to you, who would never lie to you, who would never betray you and your trust, someone who will always be your backbone, someone who will be part of your life and stay their with no strings attached. Some people come into your life as lessons. Sometimes friendships, relationships, do not…

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Christmas On My Own

This year I have chosen to spend Christmas on my own. I have seen all of my family before Christmas Day anyway. But this year I’ve decided to be a lone wolf and go it alone. As I’ve started writing this on Christmas Eve I’m actually looking forward to it. I may not be able to give out my food as I cook but at least I get to eat what I like without other people saying what it and isn’t liked by others. I get to watch what I like on my own tv.

I have bought myself a few gifts and bits that I’ve bought earlier this month have been wrapped too seeing as I haven’t watched the dvds or listened to the cds yet. Its like treating myself to something as I feel a little guilty at any other time of the year. I hope I’m home alone though as I live with other people but I have my own room so I can close my door and do my own thing.

However, now its Boxing Day… I actually had a good Christmas on my own. I played music, opened my gifts, took a nice bath and made some nice food that I’m gonna enjoy for the next couple of days. I watched my soaps and indulged in solitude. I was in the Christmas spirit but within my own traditions. I know it can be a ‘sad’ and ‘lonely’ thing being on your own but I made the most of it. Best thing is that all my flatmates left so I had the house to myself. Nicely.

Hope you had a good Christmas and I wish you a happy new year.