Christmas On My Own

This year I have chosen to spend Christmas on my own. I have seen all of my family before Christmas Day anyway. But this year I’ve decided to be a lone wolf and go it alone. As I’ve started writing this on Christmas Eve I’m actually looking forward to it. I may not be able to give out my food as I cook but at least I get to eat what I like without other people saying what it and isn’t liked by others. I get to watch what I like on my own tv.

I have bought myself a few gifts and bits that I’ve bought earlier this month have been wrapped too seeing as I haven’t watched the dvds or listened to the cds yet. Its like treating myself to something as I feel a little guilty at any other time of the year. I hope I’m home alone though as I live with other people but I have my own room so I can close my door and do my own thing.

However, now its Boxing Day… I actually had a good Christmas on my own. I played music, opened my gifts, took a nice bath and made some nice food that I’m gonna enjoy for the next couple of days. I watched my soaps and indulged in solitude. I was in the Christmas spirit but within my own traditions. I know it can be a ‘sad’ and ‘lonely’ thing being on your own but I made the most of it. Best thing is that all my flatmates left so I had the house to myself. Nicely.

Hope you had a good Christmas and I wish you a happy new year.


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